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We want to enable everyone to understand their millionth customer as well as they understood their first.  Our goal is to help you create great digital experiences and do it faster.

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Our mission: Help businesses worldwide grow and succeed online by simplifying marketing and analytics for everyone.

Audience Targeting

Understand the true value of your content and create clearer user pathways that impact your business.

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Measure your social media performance in a few clicks. Collaborate and plan your campaigns!

Revenue Multiplier

Invest confidently in the right keywords and target the right customers for your PPC campaigns.  

Best SEO Tools

Maximise your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts with comprehensive search engine reporting.

Used by over 100 brands all over the world

Great products are built by teams who know their users. These companies asked. We gave the answers. They couldn’t have made a mistake by choosing us, could they?

…and many more

Our Motto: "Success is a team sport!"

There is an unstoppable team behind this product. New features and perspectives are added every day. And all they think about is you and your company.

We’re building infrastructure to help you quickly make decisions with confidence. Heap automatically captures customer interactions, makes sense of them, and makes them actionable for anyone. 

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