Build stronger campaignes with powerful analytics

Powerful, self-serve product analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users.

Manage all your marketing needs with our all-in-one platform

It is much easier to manage them all together. And it’s definitely cheaper. GolfHeap will provide you with all the data and tools you need for your marketing actions.


Build funnels on the fly, then break them down by any user attribute or behavior to understand which users convert best. Or, locate the funnel steps that cause friction, so you can better engage users before they drop off.

Revenue Attrubition

GolfHeap gathers, joins and cleans all revenue-related data to present transparent, actionable analysis of what drives your revenue. Reveal the revenue-generating performance of activities across the pipeline, channels and campaigns.

SMM Automation

GolfHeap helps you build an audience organically. We’re a values-driven company that provides affordable, intuitive, marketing tools for ambitious people and teams.

Cross-Channel Experience

GolfHeap connects data across channels, predicts future behavior with Al. Catch more pipelines! Enjoy being able to do it all from a single platform 🙂

It's an all-in-one marketing platform

Enjoy access to all the tools you need for your marketing solutions in one place.

Web Analytics

Turn your website into an easy-to-read, analytics dashboard that actually make you wiser. Measure and analyze everything; From button clicks, conversions and channel performance.

Revenue Attrubition

Get unprecedented insights into every touch of every customer journey. From anonymous visitor to paying customer.


Grow organic traffic with our complete and easy SEO tools & workflow.


Measure social media performance, create gorgeous reports, and get recommendations to grow reach, engagement & sales.

Boost your sales with GolfHeap

How many users come back and experience value moments in your product again – and again? Monitor your retention rate and break down retention data by user behavior to prioritize product areas that move the needle.

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